Innovation through structured creativity

A claim which is partly true and partly false…

I and my collague Kent had the opportunity to meet the guys at BLB Industries and to be guided by Cim Bergdahl. BLB make the largest printers in the world (written during 2019), at least when looking at FDM prionters using pellets to feed the extruder.

It was very interesting to learn what materials are being used (and could be used) and the functions that provides. Nordan AB, a Swedish producer of windows and doors, have by 3D printing found a new more cost effective way to produce round windows in a material very close to wood but able to be processed by a FDM machine.

BLB’s machines are based on the gantry principal (xyz) and uses cartescian coordinates for movement. Linear drives from Bosch drives each axis and BLB have improved upon feeding the extruder with material.

Currently they are running experiments with more advanced materials.

The image shows a specially developed detail for a sewage system. This is a specific branch where additive manufacturing brings benefits compared to traditional manufacturing.